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Conférence : Studying clinical judgement

Published on October 13, 2016 Updated on October 28, 2019
on the October 19, 2016
Maison de la recherche -Amphithêatre F417

The main part of the research I have been carrying out about clinical reasoning has been directed to find out how to teach clinical reasoning to students of clinical psychology and to novice clinicians. The present lecture will deal with some empirical research made about an advice frequently found in clinical manuals: Before doing a diagnosis and before taking treatment decisions, the clinician must collect as much information as possible.
What happens when the clinician follows this advice?
I will present several empirical studies showing that irrelevant information, as well as relevant but useless information, is detrimental for clinical judgments and treatment decisions. Furthermore, results show that students of clinical psychology and novice clinicians tend to gather this type of irrelevant and useless