Conférence : Creation, Application and Efficacy Evaluation of a Sexual Health Promotion Program.

Publié le 27 novembre 2017 Mis à jour le 28 octobre 2019
le 13 décembre 2017
salle D30

Professeur Pablo Vallejo-Medina, Universidad Conrad Lorenz, Bogotá.

Developing and implement health programs is a hard task but to include an accurate evaluation of its efficacy will require time, money and knowledge. In this occasion we will talk about some guidelines to keep in mind in order to succeed in this task. Therefore, observation and recognition of a problem will be the first step. According to our problem -in this case sexual health problems- we will need to design a protocol addressed to reduce our main problematic. A deep literature review is mandatory in this cases. After that, implementation of the program under controlled conditions is suggested. Finally, how to assess the efficacy of the problem will be discussed. All the steps will be carried out with the creation, implementation, and efficacy evaluation with real cases.