Conférence : Caregiving of elderly dependents relatives

Publié le 8 janvier 2018 Mis à jour le 28 octobre 2019
le 7 février 2018
Maison de la recherche Salle D29

MARÍA CRESPO, Universidad Complutense de Madrid

 Growing ageing in Western societies has entailed an increased need of caring for dependent elderly person. Most of this care is provided at home by family members that are exposed to a long-lasting stressful situation and augmented risks for their health. Stemming from the caregiving stress process model, Dr. Crespo will portray the studies carried out in the last decade by the research team she leads, which include four main issues:

1) analysis of the situation of active caregivers, comprising emotional state, risk and protective factors, gender differences, positive effects…;
2) analysis of the situation of caregivers when the care ends due to institutionalization or to decease;
3) development of assessment tools and instruments tailored for caregivers and adapted to Spanish population; and 4) development of effective psychological treatments to reduce stress and enhance emotional status, and adapted to the needs and specific circumstances of non-formal caregivers of dependent older adults.