Director of the Master of Psychopathology and of Health Psychology Head of the Center of Research in Psychopathology (URI OCTOGONE-CERPP EA 4156)

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05 61 50 25 97



Taught academic discipline(s)

Health psychology

Research topics

Health psychology, Ethics of care, Quality of life, Subjective well-being

Activities / Resume

Recent Publications:

  • Ballester, S., Muñoz Sastre, M. T., & Mullet, E. (2009). Forgivingness and lay conceptualizations of forgiveness. Personality and Individual Differences, 47, 605-609.
  • Berdoulat, E., Vavassori, D., & Muñoz Sastre, M. T. (2013). Driving anger, emotional and instrumental aggressiveness, and impulsiveness in the prediction of aggressive and
  • transgressive driving. Accident Analysis & Prevention, 50, 758-767.
  • Camus, J., Muñoz Sastre, M. T., Sorum, P. C., & Mullet, E. (2014). French people's positions regarding national policies about illicit drugs: A preliminary study. Social Indicators Research, in press.
  • Cantisano, N., Rimé, B., & Muñoz Sastre, M. T. (2013). The social sharing of emotions in HIV/AIDS: A comparative study of HIV/AIDS, diabetic and cancer patients. Journal of Health Psychology, 10, 1265-1273.
  • Esterle, M., Muñoz Sastre, M. T., & Mullet, E. (2011). Acceptability of sexual relationships between elderly people residing in nursing homes. Sexuality & Disability, 29, 157-164.
  • Gonzalez Vallejo, C., Harman, J. L., Mullet, E., & Muñoz Sastre, M. T. (2012). An examination of the proportional difference model to describe and predict health decisions. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 118, 82-97.
  • Guedj, M., Muñoz Sastre, M. T., & Mullet, E. (2011). Donating organs: A theory-driven inventory of motives. Psychology, Health & Medicine, 16, 418-429.
  • Guedj, M., Muñoz Sastre, M. T., Mullet, E., & Sorum, P. C. (2009). Is it acceptable for a psychiatrist to break confidentiality to protect a wife from violence? International Journal of Law and Psychiatry, 32, 108-114.
  • Igier, V., Muñoz Sastre, M. T., Sorum, P. C., & Mullet, E. (2014). A mapping of people’s views regarding the communication of bad news to elderly people. Health Communication, in press.
  • Kpanake, L., Muñoz Sastre, M. T., Mullet, E., & Sorum, P. C. (2009). Misconceptions regarding Hepatitis C in the Togolese public. Preventive Medicine, 49, 269-271.
  • Mullet, E., Neto, F., Pinto, C, Raich, R. M., Muñoz Sastre, M. T., & Sorum, P. C. (2014). The acceptability of ending a patient’s life: A France-Portugal-Spain comparison. Death Studies, in press.
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  • Muñoz Sastre, M. T., Sousa, S. de, Bodi, E., Sorum, P. C., & Mullet, E. (2012). Under what conditions would people be willing to make a living organ donation? Psychology, Health & Medicine, 17, 323-334.

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