MME Tiffany Mélioli

Ph.D. Psychopathology. Thesis: Eating Disorders : Mental Health Literacy and Prevention (Henri Chabrol, MD. Ph.D. ; Rachel Rodgers, Ph.D.)

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Maison de la recherche bureau A105b

Academic discipline(s)

Unknown label

Taught academic discipline(s)

Methodology, Statistics, Measure; Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology; Developmental psychopathology; Research Training

Research topics

Eating Disorders/ Internet Addiction/ Social Network and Body Image/ Internet-based Program Prevention

Activities / Resume

Doctorat de Psychopathologie à l’université de Toulouse Jean-Jaurès. Intitulé de la thèse : Troubles du comportement alimentaire : Psychoéducation et Prévention  par Internet H. Chabrol et Rachel Rodgers

Publications extraites de HAL affiliées à Centre d’études et de recherche en psychopathologie et santé (CERPPS)

Additional informations

Melioli, T., Rispal, M., Hart, L., Chabrol, H., & Rodgers, R. F. (2016). French mental health first aid guidelines for eating disorders: An exploration of user characteristics and usefulness among college students. Early Intervention in Psychiatry (IF= 1.65)

Raynal, P., Melioli, T., & Chabrol, H. (2016). Personality profiles in young adults with disordered eating behavior. Eating Behaviors. (IF = 1.7)

Raynal, P., Melioli, T., Goutaudier, N., & Chabrol, H. (2016). Is the link between autistic traits and ability to succeed in science independent of other psychopathological dimensions? European Review of Applied Psychology (IF = 0.70)

Melioli, T., Bauer, S., Franko, D. L., Moessner, M., Ozer, F., Chabrol, H., & Rodgers, R. F. (2016). Reducing eating disorder symptoms and risk factors using the internet: A meta‐analytic review. International Journal of Eating Disorders, 49, 19-31. (IF = 3.13)